Aatos Martti Johannes

The love of our lives got his name today. Me and Jenni are so happy and proud.

We love you forever, Aatos.

Posted on Dec / 5 / 2018

Things changed.

Holding on to my promise that I made almost 10 years ago... is going to be the center of my work and personal stuff. THIS PAGE is going to include my thoughts and pictures that I'd like to share.
No more Facebook. I felt sick of the platform it became. I don't respect a company who's leader doesn't know everything that's happening in the company. Lots of small things that bothered me too... On a daily basis, I feel really good being off of Facebook! Although Instagram has the side-effects of negative marketing (more and more ads) and a few other things, the platform still does what it was meant for; Spreading the # content. It still seems to work. So you'll still see me there!

Most importantly I just like to do things on my own. My website looks like me, feels like me, and has the content I want. And it'll always be like that.

Thanks guys,
Posted on Dec / 3 / 2018